The Importance of Professional Photography for Your Real Estate Listing

Professional Commercial Photography

There are two photographers in our house…I am the photographer who carries my digital camera everywhere I go just in case a Kodak moment might come along. Because I am an amateur, most of my Kodak moments turn out to take multiple takes and last much longer than a moment much to the chagrin of whomever else happens to be in the picture. Out of every 100 pictures I take, there may be ten worth keeping. Those ten are wonderful for scrapbooking and posting to Facebook but other than that, not so much. My degree is in Public Relations and my background is in real estate, marketing and sales. If you want ideas on how to stage your property or a critique of your website, I’m your woman.

Greg on the other hand has a degree in photography and has spent over a decade working as a professional photographer and owning his own photography studio. When he takes pictures, the picture has a purpose and a plan. If he takes 10 pictures, there will be 9 that are wonderful. And because he is a professional photographer, he rarely has to reshoot the same scene or subject to capture the image he wants. He can see what the final product will look like prior to ever touching the camera. 

His pictures are enlarged by a professional lab and are framed on the walls of our house…my pictures are printed at a kiosk in Wal-Mart and are in a scrapbook on our coffee table. When it comes to YOUR virtual tour from Vision Quest Virtual Tours, it’s pretty clear who you want behind the camera.

We decided long ago to harness our respective strengths to create a force stronger than the sum of our parts. With enough tries, I could probably take photographs of your home for a real estate virtual tour but they would never be as good as the ones Greg takes. But by focusing my time on MY strengths, I allow Greg to focus his time on HIS. The result is that our customers get a product that is far superior to most of our competitors. This seems so simple to me but it amazes me when a realtor tells me that they do their own virtual tours using some sort of photo stitching software provided for them by their company. 

We would love to discuss your specific needs and show you the difference that professional photography makes in showcasing your property or business. Contact us at or give us a call at 404-863-9769.