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Creating Your Optimal Working Conditions

At Vision Quest Virtual Tours, we believe that by following our passions and doing what we believe in, we can provide a steady stream of income with a business that is new and exciting every day. As newlyweds, we aim to make the rest of our life our honeymoon!

The most important thing we were looking for in a business was a chance to work together. During the year and a half before we were married, we took turns being home alone and we realized that having a business where one of us was self employed and one went to a j.o.b. was not going to make us happy.  

“For no matter what we achieve, if we don’t spend the majority of our time with people we love and respect, we cannot possibly have a great life. But if we spend the vast majority of our time with people we love and respect -- people we really enjoy being on the bus with and who will never disappoint us -- then we will almost certainly have a great life, no matter where the bus goes. The people we interviewed from the good-to-great companies clearly loved what they did, largely because they loved who they did it with.” Bill Collins, Good to Great  

We wanted a business that would allow us to work our own hours.  When Greg had his own studio, a great deal of his business was weddings which meant that pretty much every Saturday in the fall was booked.  For a college football fanatic, this meant he had to choose between watching Georgia Bulldog football games or making money.  I have never known anyone with a stronger work ethic than my husband.  He works 80 hours a week and doesn't complain but we wanted to have some choice over the days and hours that we worked.  We are NOT morning people so having a job that required us to get up early every morning was not a fun prospect. These things may seem petty but working when we are at our best allows us to do our best work.

We wanted to do work we believe in.  I have had jobs where I was very successful financially but did not believe in the company or the product and it was miserable.  Being in sales means building trust and credibility and that means that the people I am working with had to trust ME. If there is one thing I believe in it is my husband so what better job for me than to sell Vision Quest Virtual Tours. He is a gifted photographer with a work ethic that is second to none and we use the world’s best virtual tour’s just not hard to sell EXCELLENCE.

Just as importantly, we wanted to do work that we thought would make a difference. The businesses we work with are primarily health and human services companies. Our tours help people make the most important decisions of their lives...whether that be where to have a baby, where to get help for an addiction or where to have a funeral for a loved one, the big picture really makes a big difference when making big decisions.

By following our passions we are able to provide a steady stream of income with a business that is new and exciting every day.

To learn more about Vision Quest Virtual Tours, please visit our website or give us a call at 404-863-9769.