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Funeral Home Virtual Tours

At Vision Quest Virtual Tours, we made the decision to focus our marketing on virtual tours that would make a difference in people's lives. Our focus is primarily healthcare virtual tours but recently we have begun doing virtual tours for funeral homes. When most people think of virtual tours, they think of real estate and hotels. We have done plenty of virtual tours for hotels and Realtors but nothing gave us the level of personal satisfaction that we got from doing the funeral home virtual tours.  As Amanda Jones of Dahlonega Funeral Homes explained, "Being in this business is a calling" and we would have to agree.

No one particularly wants to think about death or talk about planning a funeral but sooner or later, it becomes a reality that we all must face. The decisions and plans that must be made after a death are overwhelming but these decisions do not have to be left to the last minute. Pre-planning of a funeral is perhaps one of the most thoughtful gifts a person can give to their loved ones. Most funeral homes now provide online services so that individuals can relieve their family of having to make important emotional and financial decisions during a period of great stress and grief.

A funeral home virtual tour allows this online pre-planning to be done without having to personally visit the funeral home.  Esther Mitchell of MacDonald and Sons Funeral Homes explained to us that many people do not want their families to know they are making these plans.  Pre-planning allows them to relieve their family of these decisions but also ensures that THEIR wishes are carried out after death.

Perhaps there is no other time when emotions are so intense and decision making ability is so dulled than after the death of a loved one.  Often decisions are having to be made by multiple family members...many or all of whom may be out of town.  The funeral home virtual tour gives everyone an opportunity to feel like they have a say in the planning decisions.

While the funeral industry has not traditionally been known for being technologically advanced, some funeral homes are taking technology to new levels.  Stuhr's Funeral Home in Charleston, SC  is the first in the state of SC to offer live webcasts of their funerals.  Brian Calhoun of Stuhr's explained in an interview with that "the new feature catches people off guard at first, but then seem to like the idea of family from out of town being able to see the service who wouldn't be able to attend otherwise.  Also, consider this: close to 200,000 troops are currently deployed in the middle east and getting home for a funeral isn't easy."

As technology in the funeral industry increases, funeral home virtual tours should become an integral part of the pre-planning process.  At Vision Quest Virtual Tours, we have  a passion for creating virtual tours that make a difference.  Professional photography, cutting edge virtual tour technology, a national presence and an unsurpassed commitment to excellence make us the perfect choice for your virtual tour needs.

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