Virtual Tours for Auctions

Vision Quest Virtual Tours has just finished our first virtual tour for Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC .  Sullivan Auctioneers does anywhere from three to 10 estate sales every week.  The items for auction include homes and farmland but also tools, collectibles, antiques and furniture, cars, farm equipment and much more.
The auctioneers list the information about the auction in the local newspaper, create a flyer, and post pictures and information on their website.  Prior to the sale, they catalog the items and hold a preview day prior to the sale where people can come by and take a look.  As with many real estate open houses, the people who come to the open house are often curious neighbors and not seriously interested prospects. 
A virtual tour is a perfect way to provide a preview of the items for sale as well as show the property that is included in the auction.   We did our first virtual tour for them yesterday and were thrilled with the results.  The house is being remodeled so we will go back once it is done and take the interior pictures of the home but this tour allows someone to get a great idea of what is being offered without having to go to the preview day.(click here to view the tour)
We have priced the auction tours a little higher than a plain real estate tour since we will be doing more stills of particular items.  We are looking forward to creating a great partnership with Sullivan Auctioneers and the best news is I get a sneak peek at what is going to be in the auction! 
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