The Law of Increasing Returns

The Law of Increasing Returns and How It Applies to our Virtual Tour Busines

There are certain universal laws that we believe to be absolute.  The law of
Increasing Returns is one of those that we strive to live by.  Whether you call it Karma or the Golden Rule or sowing what you reap, there's truth to the fact that eventually what comes around, goes around.  There’s a great quote by Napoleon Hill in his classic book, “The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons.”  Hill suggests that we “Render more service than that for which you are paid and you will soon be paid for more than you render.  The law of ‘Increasing Returns’ takes care of this.”
A great example of this happened to us just yesterday in our Illinois Virtual Tour Business.  We went to photograph a real estate virtual tour for a Realtor in a nearby city and when we arrived at the house, the place was a TOTAL MESS.  I don’t mean clutter...I mean mess.  The home was empty but the homeowners were doing some remodeling work and there were tools and materials all over the place as well as bags of garbage.  Our job when shooting a residential real estate virtual tour is to photograph the house in a way that will appeal to potential homebuyers.  At first glance, there was no way we could possibly do that.  My husband is a great virtual tour photographer but there are some things that no level of creativity can overlook.
One option at that point was to leave and tell the Realtor that they would have call professionals of house cleaning Southport, Gold Coast to clean up or we could also just shoot  it the way it was and hope that her potential homebuyers could overlook the mess  Instead, we made the decision to clean the house enough to provide an excellent virtual tour.  This meant moving all the materials into closets, sweeping floors, hiding the trash and cleaning counters.  I’ve said before that we don’t enjoy doing these things but this Realtor is a valued client of ours and she had not seen the house so she didn’t know the state of it.  She will actually never know how much work we did because the tour turned out great.  I commented as we left that it gave me such a sense of satisfaction to have provided her with more than what she paid for without her even knowing it.  She’s a great client and we love working with her.
After we finished the tour, we stopped by a business to talk to the owner about doing commercial virtual tours for his two hotels and bed and breakfast.  He had seen our work and thought it was a great idea so we scheduled two hotel virtual tours and one bed and breakfast virtual tour for the following week.  He asked if we had time to photograph a virtual tour of his art gallery before we left for the day and we said SURE.  I quoted him a price and he reached into his wallet and paid me 20% more than I had quoted!!  I told him that it wasn't necessary but he would not take the money back.  
If that isn’t a great example of the Law of Increasing Returns, I don’t know what is.  We rendered more service than we had been paid for on the real estate virtual tour and we got paid more than we rendered on the art gallery virtual tour.
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