Virtual Tours vs. Slide Shows — Deja Vu All Over Again

We recently shot a Quincy, Illinois real estate virtual tour for a family who is moving out of state due to a job change. The homeowner is moving from Illinois to Denver, CO but she knows nothing about Colorado — in fact has never been there. She is relying on the internet to try to learn as much as she can about the Denver market.

In looking at the local MLS listings in Denver, she found that most of the listings that said they had “Virtual Tours” had simply taken the same still images from the listing and put them into a slide show and added music. She said that watching the “virtual tour” was deja vu since she had already seen the exact same pictures.
When we arrived at her home and began staging the rooms, turning on all the lights and taking 360º panoramic images, she quickly realized that what we were doing was much more intensive than the “virtual tours” she had seen.

At Vision Quest Virtual Tours, we believe that a virtual tour should be more than just a slideshow put to music. A virtual tour should offer the viewer a chance to truly look around the home and get a feel for the flow and layout. The virtual tour should allow the viewer to imagine themselves in the space and visualize their furniture and personal items in the home.

The stills are important as well because most people add filters when they are looking through local MLS listings. In addition to price and number of bedrooms, one of the most common filters that people use is Number of Pictures. Some Realtors just stick in one picture of the front of the home or a handful of shots they take with their point and shoot cameras and hope that people will be intrigued enough to want to learn more. While this may work in some cases, most buyers we talk to really want to be able to narrow down their options and tell us that high quality pictures allow them to do that more easily.

Here is the virtual tour we created for our client

As you can see, it is MUCH MORE than a slideshow put to music!

It’s definitely true that high quality professional pictures are better than nothing however there’s a big difference between still images and a truly interactive virtual tour. Our virtual tours are created using a combination of still images, 360º and partial panoramas, and can also include video clips. In addition to just the virtual tour, we offer a still package plus the virtual tour because the combination of good stills AND the virtual tours is a one two punch that provides the whole package…without the sense of Deja Vu!

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