On Shoes and Shutters – Planning for the Inevitable

Everyone knows that it’s important to be prepared for emergencies but there are certain things that only become emergencies when we don’t plan for the inevitable. Ten days before my first half marathon, I found out that I had sesamoiditis which is odd since I didn’t even know I had sesamoids. These two little bones on the base of my big toe were irritated because I hadn’t listened to my body which told me that my running shoes had broken down even though they still look relatively new. Luckily, I had the resources to get new shoes in time for the race because without them, I might not have been able to finish. I learned a similar lesson in our national virtual tour business this summer when my photographer husband said we had to replace our camera. The camera we replaced is a high end Canon model which looks brand new and was only a little over a year old. I learned that camera shutters are rated for a certain number of clicks. Because of the volume of images we shoot for our virtual tour business, we had gone way over the recommended clicks for our camera. Greg was seeing little issues with the camera that I with my inexperience would not have noticed. Rather than wait for the camera to break down during a shoot, we bought a new camera of the same model. We carry the old one as a back up and we’ll keep track of about how many clicks we have to know when it’s time for yet another new one. It is our practice to photograph using the very best equipment we can afford and upgrade it as we are able. Starting a virtual tour business using RTV, Inc.’s virtual tour technology did not require a big upfront financial commitment but as we have grown, we have had to plan ahead for upgrades and replacements of equipment. Just as my shoes could have sidelined me for the race, not planning ahead could be a big issue for our business. I blogged recently about the fact that businesses that succeed do so because they have the resources to stay in business in spite of early failures. While it’s admirable to “give all you’ve got” be sure to save a little if you want to succeed in business for the long term. Vision Quest Virtual Tours is a national virtual tour company specializing in healthcare virtual tours. We split our time between Quincy, Illinois and Charleston, SC.