A Picture PLUS Words is Priceless

“They” say that a picture is worth a thousand words and as national virtual tour photographers, we certainly agree.  But what “they” may not know is that a picture PLUS words is priceless.

When W.B. Brawley company wanted to create a presentation to showcase their hospitality services, they naturally chose Vision Quest Virtual Tours.  We had photographed virtual tours for several hotels that had undergone renovation under the leadership of W.B. Brawley’s Geoff Cipkala so the plan was to show before and after pictures of the hotels.

Our virtual tours are created a combination of 360 degree panoramas, high definition still images and optional video clips to provide a one click overview of the facilty we are representing but in order for W.B. Brawley to communicate their message, it was going to take more than just pictures.

Working with the company, we created a script and hired professional voice talent, Scott Pollak, to provide the voice over.  Scott’s clients include NPR Atlanta, Wells Fargo, Cisco, Humana, Publix, UPS, AT&T, HP, The Southern Company and now he can add Vision Quest Virtual Tours and W.B. Brawley to that impressive list.
The professional voice over changed the entire tour from a pretty slide show to an informative presentation that can be viewed either via W.B. Brawley’s website, in presentations with clients or at trade shows.  It can also be emailed to prospective clients and thanks to the voice over, it provides all the information that is needed to introduce the hospitality services and open a conversation.

Take a look at the virtual tour by clicking the picture or clicking this link– http://tours.visionquestvirtualtours.com/95754

To learn more about W.B. Brawley company, visit their website — www.wbbrawley.com

To learn more about professional voice overs by Scott Pollack – visit his website at www.voicesbyscott.com

If you have a story to tell and believe like we do that a picture is worth a thousand words, then please give us a call at 404-863-9769 or visit us at www.VisionQuestVirtualTours.com.