Trust Me, I’m a Photographer!

We recently began providing vacation rental photography for a new client.  Not too long ago, this North Georgia cabin rental company hired a “professional photographer” to take pictures of their cabins for their website.  The results were terrible!
You may remember the commercial — I’m not a doctor but I play one on TV.  Or you may have seen the movie where the guy tells people he’s a Doctor only to have his friends remind him that he’s a Dentist.  What I have learned is that saying someone is a professional photographer is like saying someone is a doctor.  There are lots of types of training and tools that define what a doctor can do.  True, a psychiatrist went to medical school but I don’t think I want him performing my surgery if I needed an operation.  He doesn’t have the right tools, training or expertise.
The same phenomenom happens with Photographers.  
The photographer was not lying when he told the vacation rental client that he was a professional photographer.  I saw his website where he sells his work and he is indeed a very talented photographer.  The problem is that he’s an amazing landscape and wildlife photographer.  This is a great talent to have in the North Georgia mountains where we are surrounded by amazing views and abundant wildlife.  But that particular talent does not necessarily translate into being a great real estate and vacation rental photographer.
We frequently get asked if we can do portraits or weddings and the answer is an emphatic NO.  It took me a while to understand Greg’s vehement opposition to these sorts of jobs.  After all, he has been a professional photographer for his entire career and has a degree in commercial photography.  In fact, he owned a portrait and wedding business for 9  years.  It took me a while to understand that just because he did that in the past doesn’t mean he is equipped to do that type of work now.  He doesn’t have the right equipment and hasn’t photographed a wedding in over 5 years.
When we deliver a virtual tour, the photos in that tour have gone through 7 different software programs.  The pictures were taken using 5 special pieces of equipment in addition to the camera we use.  We have four years and hundreds of virtual tours under our belt.  We have perfected systems and have all the tools we need to produce fantastic virtual tours. 
I think it’s pretty funny that while I was writing this blog just now, my cousin came over to visit and asked me if we would photograph her son’s wedding in June.  Because we know what we do well and we focus on that, the answer was an easy NO!! 
Vision Quest Virtual Tours specializes in photographing vacation rental virtual tours all over the country but we spend the majority of our time photographing vacation rentals in the North Georgia and Southern Utah mountains and the beaches of South Carolina.  To learn more about our services or to schedule a virtual tour, give us a call at 404-863-9769 or visit our website at