Breaking Out of the Success Rut

We recently lost one of our biggest vacation rental virtual tours clients last year and I was NOT happy.  This client has been so loyal to us for years and has provided us with a great relationship as well as a nice portion of our overall income.  We offered them a very fair price based on the volume and worked with them as marketing consultants as well as virtual tour photographers.
Not too long ago, they hired a new Marketing Director who decided that the 30% increase that they have experienced in their business since working with us wasn’t worth the fair price we were charging them.  He decided that they should take their own (horrible) pictures and “save money”.  Our virtual tour business is like most small businesses – when we don’t work, we don’t eat.  Our business has grown to the point where we no longer live paycheck to paycheck but losing that big a client still made a big dent in our cash-flow.
My first response was…THAT SUCKS!  But after I got over my feelings of rejection and frustration, I realized that I had fallen into a success rut and losing this client forced me to get out of it whether I wanted to or not. 
I had fallen into that rut because I knew that I could make that one phone call and schedule enough new virtual tours to pick up a big check every few weeks.  Sure we had other big clients but none as loyal and dependable as this one.  Much of our business is referral and repeat business now because of the work I did when we started the company so I had stopped focusing on the fundamentals.  Losing that one client forced me to start hustling again like I did when we first started the business.
And guess what?  When I got back to prospecting and working and busting my butt, our business EXPLODED!  We had the biggest month we’ve ever had then followed it with another, then another.  December is supposed to be our month of rest and we have been so busy that we haven’t had time to breathe or sleep!!
My pipeline is now full with new prospects for new healthcare and hospitality virtual tours but more importantly, it reminded me how important it is to stick with the fundamentals no matter how successful we get.
Vision Quest Virtual Tours provides high quality interactive virtual tours at an affordable price for healthcare, hospitality and education.  We have photographed in 35 states but when we aren’t on the road, we split our time between Quincy, IL and Charleston, SC.  To learn more, give us a call at 404-863-9769 or visit our website at