Do You Count Your Hours?

We recently photographed a hotel virtual tour for a young couple who personally own 9 hotels and I asked them how they had become so successful at such a young age. Like many hotel owners that we work with, he and his family are from India and he answered that in his culture, “a person goes to work and doesn’t count the hours”.

 What he said got me thinking…and I can’t stop wondering, can I say the same thing about myself?

 Unlike my entrepreneur husband, I was a salaried employee most of my working life. The jobs that I have had were rarely true 9 – 5 types and I haven’t had to punch a clock but I have to admit that until we started our national virtual tour business, I almost always counted my hours. And if I worked more than 50 or 60 hours a week, I thought I was owed time off.

 Since we started Vision Quest Virtual Tours, I have lost count of my hours. I just did an estimate of our hours for the month of December. We drove over 7,200 business miles and photographed 42 jobs in 14 states including 28 hotels. Between travel and shooting and scheduling and creating the virtual tours, we have averaged about 100 hours a week. But who is counting?

 I admit that I still have a tendency to look at the clock and think of “business hours”. But lately, when I look at the clock, I hear Mr. Patel’s voice reminding me that the secret to their success is “We go to work and don’t count the hours.”