Finish The Drill

A reminder from the great Coach Mark Richt...

Finish The Drill


It is the motto of the University of Georgia football team. Georgia football legend, Benjamin Watson explained what this meant in a post on his blog. 

Watson writes, "In 2001, The University of Georgia introduced Mark Richt as its new head football coach. One of the first things he did as coach was implement a new motto for our football program. The words “Finish the Drill” became the heartbeat of Georgia Football. They were on t-shirts and posters; they even put them on the locker room walls. To become a great team, Coach Richt knew that we needed to finish everything we did. Finishing is what separates good from great. Anyone can do just what is required of them, but the best, finish everything they do with effort and excellence."

Here's Coach Richt explaining what "Finish the Drill" meant to him...


As our national virtual tour business has grown, I seem to have forgotten that this motto applies to me as well. Yes, our healthcare and hospitality photography is better than it has ever been. Yes, our income has grown exponentially while our work load has gotten easier. Yes, we have expanded the types of photography and platforms that we offer. But as we have grown, I have gotten complacent about some of the basics...namely my blog.

When we started the business more than 6 years ago, we could not have envisioned the success we would have or dreamed of going all the places we have been. What we knew was that we needed to hustle as we launched this new venture. We have never spent a dime on advertising. In the beginning, it was because we were a start up company and finances were tight. As we grew, it was because our blogging yielded more business than we could handle. We got busy and I neglected the basics. I just realized with shame that my last blog post was 17 months ago.

I am getting back to basics. The blog requires me to analyze where we are and try to put into words the ideas that swim around in my head. The blog requires me to talk about what is working and figure out what is not. And so as 2015 draws to an end, I am going to heed the words of Coach Richt and embrace the motto as a way of life instead of a logo on a t-shirt.

Finish the Drill, indeed.