Affordable Hotel Photography – 6 Reasons We Can Charge Less

Affordable Hotel Photography

6 Reasons We Can Offer AFFORDABLE Hotel Photography

We are photographing a new Hampton Inn next week and the general manager's response to my email introducing our affordable hotel photography was "Finally a vendor with reasonable prices!"

One of the first questions we are asked when we talk to a new hotel photography client is "How are you able to charge so much less than your competitors?" It's a logical question since the "preferred vendors" for the brands we work with  - Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn and Marriott - charge on average 3 - 4 times what we do for the same exact service.

Here are 6 reasons we are able to offer affordable hotel photography without sacrificing any of the quality.

  • We don't pay to play.  Being a preferred vendor is EXPENSIVE. Preferred vendors pay a substantial fee for the privilege of being on the preferred list. Many hotel owners and managers do not realize that Preferred doesn't mean Required! There are some brands who mandate a particular vendor but many do not. What they do mandate is a certain level of quality and brand standards and we are able to meet those.
  •  We specialize primarily in hotel photography for MIDSCALE properties.  If you do a search for hotel photographers, you will see words like luxury, exquisite, and stunning. And you can look at their websites and see some truly amazing photographs. The problem is that if you keep looking the one thing you will be stunned by is their prices.  Our IHG, Hilton and Marriott hotel clients choose us for the same reason that their clients choose them...Value, Quality and Consistency.
  • We don't subcontract our work. We are a husband and wife team. When you hire us, you get us. That means we don't have to overcharge so that everyone gets a piece of the pie. We are the office staff, the owners, the saleswoman and the photographer for our company. Sure we could get bigger if we hired more staff but then we would not have control of the quality of work.
  • Our overhead is VERY LOW.  When we married 5 1/2 years ago, we made the decision that we would live our life and run our virtual tour business without using credit. We live in a paid for 600 square foot house. We drive paid for cars and we drive everywhere we go so the cost of our travel is minimal. We use a debit card for all of our purchases. We don't have any need for an office. We collect memories instead of things and this frees us to live a very large life with very low overhead.
  • Affordable Hotel Photography is what we do - not an additional service we offer.  We have photographed hundreds of hotels and what we have learned has allowed us to develop systems that allow us to move quickly and exceed brand standards. We have both worked in hotels in the past and because we travel more than 50% of the time, we understand the needs of hotel guests who are like us.
  • We choose where and when we travel. Another benefit to not being a "preferred vendor" is that we control where and when we travel. We are a national virtual tour company and we charge a flat fee for our hotel photography packages. We are available to travel to all 50 states and internationally but only if it makes sense financially. We live right in the middle of the country - in the heartland where Illinois, Iowa and Missouri come together. This means that we can be almost anywhere in the country within a day if it makes sense.