Behavioral healthcare virtual tours — Auldern Academy Virtual Tour

Behavioral Healthcare Virtual Tours

Auldern Academy, Siler City, NC

Yesterday I was chatting with a lady at CVS who asked me about our company.  I explained how we focus on hotel photography and healthcare virtual tours but that my real heart is in our work with behavioral healthcare programs.  

Before we started our virtual tour business, I worked with troubled children and adolescents in residential programs.  One of our first virtual tours we did was for the therapeutic boarding school where I was working as the Assistant Director of Admissions.  I would talk to parents whose children were in crisis.  Prior to creating our virtual tour, my phone calls with parents were scattered and frantic.  They were desperate for anything concrete they could cling to as their lives seemed to be falling apart.

Once we added the virtual tour to the school's website, I was able to answer concrete questions and help parents begin to picture their children on my campus.  They were able to see where their child would eat, sleep, learn and heal.  The virtual tour transformed my Admissions process and I introduced the virtual tours to other behavioral healthcare programs and our niche was born. 

One of the first programs that we did a virtual tour for was Auldern Academy.  Auldern is a a private therapeutic boarding school offering 8th through 12th grade college preparatory education.  Their mission is "to prepare young women for the academic, emotional and social challenges of young adulthood.When faculty, clinicians and student life work together with parents, daughters can accomplish more than they ever thought possible. Together we can help them achieve their goals and recreate dreams for the future."  We photographed Auldern in 2011 and have been back to the campus to do updates several times as their campus has grown.

Back to my conversation at CVS yesterday - I was telling the lady that Vision Quest provides virtual tours for behavioral healthcare programs and this allows me to keep a foot in the field that I love.  

She began telling me the story of her niece who had attempted suicide several times. She told me about the program that her family found that literally saved her life. The young lady graduated from the school and is now in college and with a wonderful boyfriend and her life has totally turned around.

As she described the school that helped her niece, I realized that she was talking about Auldern!  Now I don't know if they saw the virtual tour that we created for Auldern.  Their tour is on the front page of their website and their Admissions director shared it with parent's of prospective students so it's likely that they did. We have spoken to so many people who tell us that the virtual tour has made a huge impact on the admissions process.  Parents tell them that the virtual tour gave them a great sense of comfort even after their child was at the school.  

While I don't know for sure if that family viewed our virtual tour during their Admissions experience,  I do know is that what we do makes a difference and that's a great feeling.