Heritage Health El Paso – Healthcare Virtual Tours

Heritage Health of El Paso - Healthcare Virtual Tour

Healthcare 360° Virtual Tours and High Definition Still Photography

High Definition Healthcare Photography

We were excited to be able to photograph our latest healthcare virtual tour for Heritage Health - El Paso to showcase their facilities. We created a 360° Virtual Tour that will provide a one click overview of their facilities.  

 Our healthcare virtual tours are an invaluable resource for sharing the facility with those who due to time, hospitalization, distance or mobility, can't easily stop by for an in person tour.  The virtual tours are mobile friendly and can be used by discharge planners to help families in the post hospital decision making.

Vision Quest has provided senior living virtual tours all over the country and has a unique ability to work with the specific challenges of photographing operating healthcare and senior living programs.  

HERITAGE HEALTH EL PASO IS AN ADVOCATE PAN-APPROVED FACILITY located in a rural community in downstate Illinois. Acknowledging the importance of a holistic approach to healing, you can complete the healing process in a friendly small town setting amongst familiar surroundings. You no longer need to adapt to the, at times, overwhelming size and business of the city in order to receive quality nursing and rehab services. Following hospitalization you can return to a small community and receive skilled nursing and rehab services. 

Healthcare 360° Virtual Tour