Professional Hotel Photography for Hotel Hive

What an exciting opportunity to be chosen as the Hotel Photographer for the brand new Hotel Hive!

We love photographing hotels.  That's a given but this hotel shoot was different than anything we have ever done.  Wow!!

The Hotel Hive will open this week and we are so happy that they will launch their website with our photographs.  It was an intense photo shoot - we photographed 13 room types as well as the Hive Bar and lobby.  All in the middle of last minute construction issues, visitors coming in for a sneak peek, and lots of Washington, DC traffic.  We thank Jim and Mai Abdo and all the staff of the Hotel Hive who made this a fantastic experience for us.

The Hotel Hive has gotten lots of well deserve buzz! The largest rooms are no larger than 250 square feet, about half the size of your typical hotel room.

We also were able to be there for the grand opening of &pizza which made this a total win for us. When you add hotel photography of a super cool place and great pizza together, well let's just say we are happy campers!

The hotels owners Jim and Mai Abdo were working right along with the hotel staff to get the hotel ready for the grand opening. Because the property is so unique, they knew that it was important to show it off with professional hotel photography that would capture the unique and diverse rooms. Since we live in a 600 square foot house, we were able to appreciate how much style and function they have packed into the small rooms.

Once again, we have proven that we are able to provide High Quality Hotel Photography without the High Price!

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