When you choose Vision Quest for your virtual tours and photography, you get US!

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Hanging out over the Grand Canyon on one of our trips out West.

We are a husband and wife team who found a way to combine our skills, experience and passions into a business that allows us to live the life of our dreams.

We each brings a unique set skills and experiences that allow us to serve our clients in the healthcare, hospitality and small business arenas. This means that the samples you see of our virtual tours and commercial photography will accurately reflect the work we will do for you.  

Unlike most national virtual tour companies who subcontract their work to local photographers, we do all of our hotel, healthcare and small business photography ourselves. This allows us to control the quality and client experience but more than that it allows us to travel all over the country meeting incredible people and seeing incredible places. 

Though we started our travels photographing health care facilities,our travels made us experts in the hotel business. We started our hospitality photography by bartering hotels and bed and breakfasts on our first big cross country trip. That led us to gradually make the switch to now when the vast majority of our business is photographing hotels.


With a degree in Commercial Photography and over TWENTY years of experience as a professional photographer, Greg is able to capture images that truly let you shine. For each hour of onsite photography, at least another hour is spent preparing the final product. Image editing, color correction and enhancements are included in the price we quote you. Every image is professionally edited and retouched to ensure that we show you at your very best.

While earning his degree, Greg managed a hotel and cabin rental company so he brings a keen insight into the unique challenges and opportunities available to our hospitality clients. Prior to starting our virtual tour business, Greg owned a portrait and wedding studio for 9 years. After realizing he was ready to get away from the demands of a brick and mortar studio, he discovered virtual tours as a great alternative. Luckily, he found Paige the very same week he started the business!




National virtual tour photographer

Greg taking us for a boat ride around our bay off the Mississippi River.

Virtual Tour Marketing

Paige on a hike above Lake Tahoe

Paige is our marketing guru and onsite superstar. When we arrive onsite, Paige goes to work making sure that everything is staged so that Greg can capture the best possible photos. Paige is one who will be working with you ahead of time to prepare for your shoot and working to make sure that we accommodate your guests, residents and clients. 

With a Bachelor's in Public Relations and Master's in Social Work, Paige has worked in marketing for large corporations as well as in the behavioral healthcare field. The first behavioral healthcare virtual tour that we shot was for a therapeutic boarding school where Paige was Assistant Director of Admissions. After seeing how much the behavioral healthcare virtual tour helped in the admissions process, we realized that we had found a niche that no one could fill better than us.

We love our travels but our favorite place of all is our 600 square foot house in Quincy, IL. We have our own piece of paradise right on the Mississippi River and have learned that living in a small house allows us to live a large life! When we aren't on the road photographing hotels and healthcare facilities, we can be found sitting on our deck, boating on the river or watching Georgia Bulldogs football in our screen porch.

Quincy is right in the middle of the country so this means we can travel almost anywhere in the United States within a day or two. We have photographed tours in more than 40 states and one foreign country so far but we have a special love for the West and make trips to Utah, Colorado and California a few times a year. 

 We are proud that we provide a foster home for a local animal rescue organization and have helped more than 50 cats and kittens find forever homes. There is not enough duct tape for us to have children or permanent pets but we adore our nieces and nephews!!

We love our gypsy lifestyle and are thankful to our family and friends who help us live our dream.

National virtual tour photographer

Relaxing on the deck of our house

Christian Virtual Tour Photographer
Christian Virtual Tour Photographer

Our story is a case study in the effectiveness of online marketing!

We met online at a time when we were both at crossroads in our lives and careers. Neither of us was looking for romance at the time but we quickly knew we had found something special and decided to get out of God's way and see where He wanted to take us. When we met for ice cream that first night, we couldn't have imagined the places we would go. That was 10 years, more than 500,000 miles and 48 states ago...

Greg started the virtual tour business the week after we met so this has been a joint venture since day one. We were living in the North Georgia mountains and by chance encounter in the grocery store, Paige met the owner of a cabin rental company. They agreed to be our guinea pigs and after photographing their 50 cabins, we had refined our systems. At the time, Paige was working as the Assistant Director of Admissions at a therapeutic boarding school and realized that a virtual tour would be a great tool for explaining the program and campus to the parents who called looking for help for their troubled kids.

Our real break came shortly after our honeymoon. While in Florida for our honeymoon, Paige visited with a prospective student who was finishing treatment at a local drug and alcohol recovery center. Since we had bartered our honeymoon condo in exchange for a virtual tour, we had our equipment with us. Paige explained how helpful the virtual tour for her school had been and we did a virtual tour for the recovery center. A couple of weeks later, we got a call from their corporate office asking if we would be interested in photographing some of their other behavioral healthcare programs.

In January of 2011, we set out on what we thought would be a once in a lifetime 10,000 mile road trip/honeymoon. We left home with 11 jobs booked but while we were on the road, Paige called other behavioral health programs.  We bartered with bed and breakfasts , hotels and restaurants and picked up other jobs along the way. We finished the trip having photographed 54 virtual tours in 53 days and we knew that we had found our niche and our calling.  

Since then, we have photographed several thousand vacation rentals and homes, more than 600 hotels and hundreds more other businesses. That 10,000 mile road trip has turned into the world's longest honeymoon and can't wait to see where this journey takes us next!