Fusion One Click Overview 360° Virtual Tours

The beauty of our Fusion virtual tours is that with just one click, you can take your prospective customers on a walk through your facility.  The viewing experience is similar to watching a video however the virtual tour is actually created using a combination of HDR still images, full 360° and partial panoramas and optional video clips.  The tour comes with background music but you can also add a professional voice over to tell your story instead of just showing it.  Adding people to the tours allows you to show viewers a day in the life and give them a glimpse of your culture.  

Fusion virtual tours can be downloaded to a desktop or laptop computer.  This is a great resource for showing to prospective clients or referral sources.  The high resolution, high definition quality of the tour is sure to catch eyes at trade shows and community events as you show the tour on a large screen display. 

Made to be Shared
Share the tour on Facebook or Twitter, email it to prospective clients and referral sources, put a link in your email signature. The tour is delivered as an HTML link that was made to be shared and the more you use it, the more return you will get on your investment.
360° Panoramas
We use a combination of 360° and partial panoramas. Panoramas provide perspective of the layout of the space and allow viewers to truly look around and see what you have to offer. Our panoramas are created using the same HDR process that we use for our still images!
Video Clips
Adding people to the tour with short video clips allows you to show the culture and personality of your facilities - not just the bricks and mortar. Whether it's one short welcome intro or multiple clips showing the daily activities, video captures the attention of the viewer and keeps them watching to the end.
Music or Voice Over
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture with professional voice over is priceless. Each tour comes standard with background music. You can choose to add a custom script to TELL your story instead of just showing people around.
Download to Computer
The entire virtual tour can be downloaded to your computer for offline viewing. If you are headed to a trade show, community event, or visit with a referral source , don't worry about internet access - just pull out your laptop and let the tour play. Our high resolution images and panoramas show beautifully on large screens!
Weekly Hit Stat Report
You probably use Google Analytics to track your website visitors but our weekly hit stat report will show you how many people have viewed the virtual tour itself. The tour can easily be shared on social media and emailed so the hit stat can show you where your viewers are seeing your tour.


Assisted living facility virtual tour using professional models for live video clips. We did separate tours for the memory care and assisted living sections of the facility as well as an additional stills package.


Regional hospital virtual tour with video introduction, professional voice over and staff models in still images and panoramas. Separate tour was created for the women's health facilities and birthing center.


Behavioral healthcare virtual tour with video introduction and video clips by staff and residents.  Great example of how a virtual tour can tell the story of the program in addition to showing the physical facilities.


Hotel virtual tour with professional voice over. Created using images and panoramas from the brand's required photo shoot.


Boutique hotel with main house suites, standard guest rooms and onsite pub. Twilight shots showcase the Victorian home and amenities.


Bed and breakfast with amazing details.  High definition HDR photography shows the intricate details of the artist's handiwork.


Amazing oceanfront beach house with infinity pool and fabulous amenities.


Luxurious hunting lodge with gorgeous rooms and lots of trophies.


Condo by lake and marina with aerial shots to show off the views.


Health club and fitness center virtual tour with lots of video showing different services and amenities.


Restaurant virtual tour with video featuring menu items, indoor and outdoor dining areas and bar.


Retail virtual tour of showroom as well as off site samples from commercial and residential clients.