We specialize in hotel photography for Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inn but we have personally photographed hotels from more than 25 national brands as well as many independent hotels. We specialize in providing AFFORDABLY PRICED Hotel Photos that will meet your brand's standards! Our prices are much lower than most "preferred vendors" and we have had 100% approval rate for our photos! Best of all - when you hire us, you actually get US. We do not subcontract our work!

Brands We Have Photographed

Approved Hotel Photographer for Hilton, IHG and Marriott
Professional Hotel Photography for Best Western

Photographer and Stylist Included in Price

We work as a team! Paige works with your onsite staff to prepare each area to make sure that it's photo ready. Once each area is prepared, Greg captures the photographs. We move quickly so that we can do our job with the minimum disruption to your guests.

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Photos Guaranteed to Meet Technical Standards

Photos are delivered according to your brand's technical standards. We focus on providing a logistical overview of the property. Using HDR and a wide angle lens, we are able to show off each area or room with exceptional detail and clarity. We charge by the job - not by the picture!

Hampton Inn Hotel Photographer

Experience with Most Major Hotel Brands

Our hotel photography rates are significantly less than our competitors. BUT you don't save money if your photos aren't approved by your brand!  We understand the nuances of brand requirements and have had 100% approval on hundreds of shoots for over 25 national brands!

Professional Hotel Photographer for Holiday Inn Express

 Why Choose Us as Your Hotel Photographer? 

When you hire us, you get US! Unlike other national hotel photography companies who subcontract to local photographers, we do all of our hotel photography work ourselves. This means that the samples you see on our website are accurate representations of the work we will provide for you.

We photograph all over the United States. In fact, we travel more than 50,000 miles each year and have visited all of the lower 48 states. This means we are not only experienced hotel photographers - we are also seasoned hotel guests!

Hotel photography is different from other types of photography. As a commercial photographer specializing in healthcare and hospitality photography, we focus on capturing the images you need to showcase your property to prospective guests. 

We understand the unique challenges of taking pictures in a busy hotel and can assure you that your guests come first! We will work with you to create a schedule for the day that minimizes disruption to your guests and staff.

We have PERSONALLY been chosen as the photographer for HUNDREDS OF HOTELS and have experience with most national brands as well as independent hotels. Our photos are guaranteed to meet brand technical standards. 


  Our hotel clients choose us as their hotel photographer for the same reason that their clients choose their hotel brands - 

Quality, Value, Consistency

Compare the prices for our hotel photography and virtual tours and you will find that our hotel photography pricing is significantly less than our competitors...without compromising on any of the quality.


Hotel Photography Pricing

Standard Package

Ideal for Midscale Limited Service Hotels

ONE Day of Photography + Twilights

Up to 8 Room Types

Deluxe Package

Full Service | Downtown Metro Areas | Suites Hotels

TWO Days of Photography + Twilights

Full service or More Complicated Shoots

Custom Package
Call for Quote

Economy Hotels

Update or Partial Shoots

Resorts, Boutique Hotels, Unique Properties