People often ask "What does a virtual tour cost?"  

That is sort of like asking what does a car cost. The price for the virtual tour is determined by which tour platform or platforms you choose, the options you add and what type of business we will be photographing. For most of the businesses we work with, there is no such thing as "After Hours". Photographing a virtual tour for a business that is open 24 hours a day like a hospital, hotel or senior living community requires more navigating, diplomacy and finesse than photographing an empty vacation rental or a retail store.  The buttons below will give you more detailed pricing information about each of our particular market segments.  

We are a husband and wife team and we travel together for all of our jobs.  We have no middle man and do not subcontract our commercial photography work.  We don't have a brick and mortar studio or staff.  We do not pay six figures to be a "preferred vendor" for the hotel brands we work with.  All this means that we do not have to inflate our prices to cover unnecessary costs or expenses. 

The buttons below will provide you with information about the pricing guidelines for virtual tours in each of our market segments.  We will talk to you about YOUR needs and develop a customized quote within 24 hours after we have the details about your business, your objectives and your budget. We can present multiple options and believe that you will find that our prices are more than competitive and extremely fair.  


In the words of one of our recent hotel customers - "Finally a vendor with reasonable prices!"